Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prima Tasting

Prima ready-to-cook pastes and sauces used to be a staple in my back-to-Shanghai "comfort" food pack. I used to bulk purchase so that I could satisfy my laksa, curry and mee rebus cravings away from home. Fresh is best I know, but these Prima products are just so convenient and tasty. 

It was by chance that I received a last minute invite to go for a consumer tasting at the "R&D" department of Prima foods. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity - free food!

The food item for the day was sandwiches. Specifically, the Prima folks were exploring selling gourmet sandwiches at their outlet, iBake, located at the Star Vista. The objective of the survey was to collect feedback on the taste and pricing of their offerings. 

We were allocated individual cubicles and a set of questionnaires. Each of the 3 types of sandwiches were then put into the cubby hole at the cubicle for us to taste.

A shot of the 3 sandwiches I tasted : Roast beef, Roast chicken with Japanese curry and La ratatouille with salami. My fave was the chicken sandwich followed by the beef. I liked the taste of the curry sauce and they were generous with the meat. I'm not a fan of cold sandwiches, so although the ratatouille sauce was refreshing, I just didn't enjoy the sandwich. The baguette for all 3 sandwiches was excellent though - fresh, crunchy and complements the fillings perfectly.  

It's interesting how Prima is trying to penetrate the market of the likes of Subway and O'Briens. Hmm, their sandwiches are pretty competent tastewise so I'd be interested to see how they fare. And if I am ever in the area I wouldn't mind popping by iBake for a Prima sandwich. (Note: this was not a paid tasting, just my personal opinion).

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