Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012!

"What have I accomplished in 2011?" - I posted this question on my facebook status. The replies I got were:

1. Someone priceless - *blush* yes, I'm a rather lucky girl aren't I?

2. A lovely new place - It's just a 5room HDB resale flat, nothing fancy but it's home. I really do love my ShoeBox.

3. New job - challenging. Sometimes too challenging. But I'll grow to fit the hat I'm sure.

4. "You ate a lot" - erm... YES, I did.

5. "And drank a lot" - Yay! (Don't judge)

Note - replies 4 and 5 were from two different friends. Oh well, I suppose I can't blame them for correctly forming the impression that I am a glutton, given I write this blog and relentlessly post food pics on my facebook page.

*****2011 in a (very small) nutshell*****

I can't say that 2011 has been a complete bed of roses. There have been really tough patches, which thanks to my loving friends and family, I managed to scrape through. Looking back, I've learnt that it's moot looking back. Rather than look for lessons to learn from my mistakes, I think I will just look forward. It's amazing though, how the year ended on such a sweet note. I'm truly blessed.


First up, my Teetotaller Experiment. Recently a few of my good friends found out they had (thankfully mild) problems with their livers. I went for a liver test too but surprise (surprise), my liver is in the pink of health. But this episode made me realize that it's time to take a break from the booze and wagyu beef. So I decided to challenge myself - to abstain from alcohol for a month. Famous last words?

Maybe. Or maybe I can pull it off and emerge a better (and leaner) person.

I still love my wines though. But everything in moderation. Bordeaux trip in August, yay!