Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wine Club

I want to start a wine club. Anyone keen?

This is how it will work:

1. Finding the right people – For a start, I plan to keep the group intimate. A group of 10 members will be ideal since the average bottle of wine pours that number of “tasting” servings. Given that I myself am a novice, I expect most of the members to share a similar level of wine know-how. Experts are welcome of course, but you must be prepared to be patient with us.

2. How a club meeting should work – We aim to meet once a month. Each of the members takes turns hosting the monthly meetings, planning the meal and choosing the wines, and then shares with the group information about the origins, food pairings, and flavors of the wine chosen for the month’s gathering. Tasting note sheets will be given out so that people stay focused. It can be difficult to remember what we drink after too many glasses. Meetings can be done either at someone’s house, or we can use the opportunity to check out new restaurants.

3. Costs – We won’t be targeting the Chateau Margauxs but we should explore beyond the supermarket brands. We aim to keep the per-bottle cost from $40 to $80 a bottle. The host will purchase the bottles first, then total costs will be split together with the cost of the food.

Please let me know if you are keen to join the wine club and learn more about wines. Some commitment is required, because members will need to research and plan for meetings. No sleeping members please. Suggestions on what to name the club?

On a separate basis I will also be organizing more casual wine dinners for people to BYOB and gather. Watch this space!

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