Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fish Soup (Part I)

"Food is the most primitive form of comfort."

I heart Han Kee fish soup at Amoy Food Centre. The queue is long but do not be intimidated, it moves fairly quickly. Service is brisk and efficient. The auntry has an elephant memory and lighting fast mental math abilities. $5 (medium size) for generous thick slices of batang fish, best!

On a cool rainy day like today, it was absolute heaven slurping my piping hot fish soup.

Another option at the same food centre is Piao Ji Fish Soup. Queue is comparable to Han Kee but moves at half the speed so I've never had the patience to wait. I finally managed to try it one Saturday I was in the area.

I splurged and ordered the $10 bowl with pomfret and prawns. Yum, the sweet freshness of the seafood was amazing. Only complaint: MSG made me really thirsty afterwards.

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