Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nice New Sitcoms

I've been under porridge and house arrest the last few days. Plenty of time couch potato-ing and here's some new sitcoms I thought were worth checking out (hint: use this link)

1. Mad Love (3.75/5)
This is from CBS which also brought us the much-loved How I met your mother (HIMYM) and Two and a half men. Story is about Ben (think Ted Mosby-like) a lawyer and rare romantic who falls in love with Kate whom he thinks is the woman of his dreams. Yawn you may think, but add in Larry, Ben's coarse friend and Connie, Kate's roommate, and hey the show's hilarious. Rather reminds me of HIMYM, come to think of it.

2. Mike and Molly (3.5/5)
Also from CBS is another easy to watch comedy about Mike, a Chicago police officer and Molly, a 4th grade teacher who find love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Molly has a sex-bomb older sis who does makeup for dead people. Both her sis and mum have effortless killer figures. Quite amused by the plots they spin out of this and yes, I'd admit it, I enjoy the fat jokes!

3. Raising Hope (4.25/5)
This one from FOX's a bit warped but I love it. 23 year old Jimmy Chance has to raise his infant daughter with the help of his super-dysfunctional family after the baby's mother (they only had a one-night stand) is discovered to have murdered multiple ex-boyfriends and is given a death sentence. I know it doesn't sound like much but trust me, go watch the show. It's incredible, hilarious and oh-so-heartwarming at the same time.

4. Outsourced (4/5)
NBC brings us this slapstick comedy set in Mumbai where Todd Dempsey is expatriated to run the call center for an American novelties company. While poor Todd initially has a hard time trying to explain American pop culture to his employees and also understand Indian culture (e.g. head bobbing), he slowly starts to blend in. Some critics call this series racist but I think it's cute. Todd's cute too, haha.

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