Monday, March 21, 2011

Salad Days

After a weekend of feasting and boozing, all I want is a light meal to cleanse my battered system. Lucky for me, there're a few choices around my office.

1. Fresh+
39 Robinson Road
#01-01 Robinson Point

This is a deli which also sells sandwiches, soup and beverages. The highlight for me is the create-your-own salads at $9.50, you can choose 6 ingredients in your salad. Gourmet extras such as blue cheese, smoked salmon etc can be added at $2.50 each.

My Take: I love the great variety of ingredients, including alfafa sprouts, pumpkin and couscous. Tuna is also available, for people who want some "meat" in their salads. There's 5 dressings available, my favourites being the lemon and soya sauce and sauce au bleau (yum). Winning point here are that salads are hearty and fill you up. Oh, there's balsamic vinegar and olive oil by the side, so help yourself to those.

2. Munch
112 Robinson Road
#01-01 HB Robinson

They call themselves “saladsmiths” and they have about 60 choices of pre-mixed salads for you to choose from. A single serving of salad is $3.50 each and a pick-and-mix of three, four and five salads (+ 1 drink + 1 daily soup) comes out to $12, $15 and $17 respectively.

My Take: A mix of 3 salads is plenty but I got so excited (that’s what happens when a girl gets too many choices) that I went for a mix of four: Figs, Cress & Fennel, Pumpkin, Spinach & Feta, Soba Noodle Salad and Oriental Chicken. I’d have gone for the Salt Roast Steak & Potatoes too but my colleague was giving a funny look. I’ve heard that their Crayfish wrap ($8.80) is nice and fresh, am planning to try that my next trip to Munch.

3. Health Fuel Station
2 Marina Boulevard
#01-31A The Sail @ Marina Boulevard

A small salad is $8 and a large salad is $9.50. You get a basic bed of greens and then you choose 5 other ingredients (e.g. carrot, tomatoes, corn, boiled potatoes, hard boiled egg, carrots, capers, capsicum, onions, cucumbers etc) and then a choice of meat (bacon, grilled or smoked chicken, beef etc). Additional ingredients are 50cents each and additional meat $2. The choices of dressing are: caser, aioli, honey mustard, pesto, balsamic vinaigrette and chilli and lime.

My Take: I think the choice of dressing is limited but I like this place because the salad pieces are bite sized so it’s easier to eat in the office and my jaws don’t ache so much. The salad maker here is also better at gauging the right amount of dressing so you get the taste but do not drown your greens and defeat the point of eating a salad for lunch. I like meat in my salads so this is probably the cheapest choice.

4. Juiced Rawbars
9 Raffles Place
#B1-08 Republic Plaza

At Juiced, you can design your own salad with 6 ingredients on top of the Rawbar lettuce mix for $8.50. They have a pretty good selection of ingredients here on top of the usual, including couscous, soy bacon flakes, snow peas, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, brown rice and butter beans. There are more choices of dressings too, including honey & soy, thousand island, re wine vinegar, mint and yoghurt & pesto. Premium ingredients like cheddar/feta/parmesan cheese and salmon, tuna or chicken come at an additional cost. For $10.50, you can have a salad/soup, wrap/soup or salad/small juice combo.

My Take: I took some time deciding what to order (choices, choices). The salads fell short of my expectations though – the first time the salad maker drowned by greens and the second time when I asked for less dressing, my salad was pretty tasteless. They had better get it right the third time.

5. Grand Salads
3 Temasek Boulevard
Level B1, Tower 4, Suntec City Mall

My friends who work in the Suntec area rave about this place.

My Take: I’ve only had the chicken salad here once and it wasn’t too bad. The mix-and match option is S$8.50 excluding chicken / beef toppings. The selection of ingredients seems smaller but I do know the Caucasian guy ahead of me in the queue told me he buys salads from there every other night for dinner. Either it’s really that good or this is one health-conscious guy.

6. Reload
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-K12 Millenia Walk

This chain is from New Zealand I think. I’ve never actually been to this place but my sister has helped me buy takeaway before. She got me the pre-configured smoked chicken salad ($8.50) which was shoved into a cute Chinese takeout-like box (a bit hard to eat out of though).

My Take: The salad was well chopped up but the balsamic vinegar dressing didn’t really impress. If I’m in the area again I’ll give it another shot.

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