Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kaiho Sushi

Ever since Sage closed down, I have been on the hunt for good BYO free corkage restaurants. Places such as Saint Pierre, French Kitchen and Table 66 offer free corkage on Mondays or Tuesdays which are schoolnights, so that's hardly convenient. The chinese restaurants fare better - many of them such as Cafe de Hong Kong, Ming Kee and Wo Peng offer great value for money food, air-conditioned comfort and good stemware, even on weekends.

Last saturday I found a gem of a Japanese restaurant which also waives corkage charges. Kaiho Sushi omakase dinners has had good reviews so we gave Chef Benard a budget of $80 each, requested aburi sushi as part of the meal and left him to decide the other courses.

First up was a generous serving of sashimi, followed by a very flavourful bowl of mushroom soup. The third course was the highlight of the meal (for me at least) - 4 different types of aburi torched sushi. I took a bite of the hotate sushi and immediately went "omg this is so good.." Mental note to self to get another piece if stomach permits at the end of the meal (we did haha).

After the sushi came a whole grill fish (don't know what fish it was) for each of us. Shiok! We demolished the fish in record time and looked expectantly at Chef Bernard. "What's next?" we smiled gleefully. The next course was a daikon radish and carrot dish, which was simple but enjoyable. This was followed by light fluffy fish tempura served with mustard, which I enjoyed very much. By this time, us 3 girls were quitwe stuffed. Luckily, there was only dessert to go - strawberries with cream :) All in all an excellent meal and pretty good deal, considering we can bring our own wines.

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