Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blu Restaurant

For my birthday, dear K offered to take me somewhere fancy for dinner. It was a happy dilemma, deciding between the various places marked on my foodie wishlist. It finally came down to Saint Pierre and Blu Restaurant - I'm so glad I picked Blu in the end - it could well be my best meal of 2011!

As mentioned in my earlier post, there's a 40% discount promotion going on. At full price, the Degustation Menu is $148++ and wine pairing is an additional $80 per pax. With the (40 is fabulous) discount, the bill for the 2 of us came up to (dare I say ONLY) $322. Sounds still expensive I know but trust me, for the food, ambience and service, it was totally worth every dollar. Both K and I were swept away.

There are 6 plates in all, 4 "appetizer" sized, 1 main followed by dessert. The Chef recommends based on what's freshest for the day. Me being me, I already researched Chef Cherkas' signature dishes I wanted to try. The menu they planned for us:

1st course (champagne served) - caviar buckwheat waffle for me, oyster for K
2nd course (white wine served) - lobster thermidor
3rd course - eggs came first
4th course - seabass for me, foie gras for K
5th course (red wine served) - tenderloin beef for me, ribeye for K
6th course (icewine served) - "breakfast dessert" for us both
Every plate was delicious. No, I am not exaggerating. The star for K was the lobster thermidor. He had his first bite and told me "I think this will be my favourite dish of the night". I am not a big fan of beef but I loved and savored every bite of my tenderlion.

The breakfast dessert too was a stunner - very novel idea of putting the "egg" on a plate with pictures of bacon, baked beans etc. The "yolk" was mango sorbet, the "white" was coconut and passionfruit mousse.

Sorry for gushing but can I backtrack to say that I also loved the warm onion loaves they served before the meal started? And the petit fours was candy floss cherry blossoms on a "tree" with dark chocolate chips as "soil". I regret not catching the names of all the wines we had but I was just too darn distracted by the food.

Thanks for the lovely dinner treat my dear!

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