Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

With the Singapore election fever raging, it's no surprise anyone is hardly talking about the Royal Wedding. Personally, other than an interest in how the wedding dress looks like, I'm not too psyched about the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton either.

But I suppose there are some amongst us who are keen to watch the proceedings. BBC is showing its coverage through Starhub to viewers here in Singapore. If you want more buzz by watching it public, you can check out the following places:

1. The British Club : These guys are celebrating the event in a big way - ten days of happenings up to the event. Tomorrow they do a live screening, followed by dinner. You can choose to splurge on a 4 course dinner in the ballroom (wedding style, no less, $198+ for members, $218+ for non-members, with wine, beer and a special souvenir) OR for poorer peasants, a buffet dinner at the cafe ($68 for members, $78 for non-members). K is going for option 1 on company account, lucky him.

2. Cricket Club: From 5pm to 9pm, feast on drinks and food while watching the live broadcast. $70 for members, $100 for non-members.

To be honest, I'm sure there will be other places screening the event live without charging a fixed fee. I'm really not too fussed about where to go. It's likely I'll just watch the re-run on Saturday. So much easier when there's the option to fast forward!

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