Thursday, April 7, 2011


One last food post before I fly off to Beijing/Hong Kong for my cheenah holiday. My hungrygowhere 50%-off-buffet-dinner-for-two voucher was expiring soon so I grabbed my reliable makan buddy NDee along for a mid-week gorge. Sorry, limited pics as I was too busy stuffing my face.

It's normally $65++ for a 3-course dinner with a choice of main course and semi-buffet of (i) cold cuts, marinated seafood, salads and cheeses and (ii) desserts and gelato. 50% off with the coupon was a freaking good deal lah.

Just like during the Sunday champagne brunch last year, the cheese and condiment spread last evening was AMAZING. I was like a kid in a candy shop, spoilt for choice! So I did the logical thing. I took some of EVERYTHING. Wet cheeses - mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, burrata. Soft cheeses - ricotta (original and truffle flavoured - love). Semi/Hard cheeses - asiago, pecorina, fontina. Nuts - almonds, pistachios. Quince paste - 2 flavours. I drizzled truffle honey, lemon honey all over my cheeses - lovely!

By the time my main course of seabass came, I was stuffed! Nonetheless, the fish was good. For desserts, the glutton in me sampled the cannoli, panna cotta, fig tart and the vanilla and expresso gelato. The gelato was the best of the lot.

Burp. I still felt full this morning when I woke up. Definitely one of the better priced and quality (thumbs up) dinner buffets around. Don't miss out on the Sunday brunch too - I don't care what they say but foie gras (station) this good has to be ethical. It's $128++, worth the splurge! I so need to hit the gym later.

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