Friday, April 22, 2011

Election Fever

I love how everyone these days is talking Singapore politics.

Lucky for us, unlike some of our neighbours, we get a (relatively) balanced coverage in our local mainstream media. The people around me, at least, have also become less apolitical and appear to be taking a greater interest in issues.

After JB Jeyaretnam's downfall which likely contributed to the general negative perception of joining the opposition parties, it is heartening to see that in this GE, so many talented Singaporeans are stepping up to the task. I have genuine respect for these people. SDP's Tan Jay See and WP's Chen Show Mao look promising. This 24 year old bright spark from the NSP has also impressed me.

It will be a 3 way fight for Mountbatten and I am interested to see how the NSP's Jeannette Chong will fare against PAP's Lim Biow Chuan. Even more exciting will be the fight over in Aljunied and Sembawang GRC.

Who will have YOUR vote on May 7th?

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