Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ocean Private Kitchen (HK)

B and I were in Hong Kong over the weekend for my cousin's wedding, so naturally we had to sneak some good eats into our itinerary. I had heard about Ocean from friends and that it was very "value-for-money". When I found out that corkage for the first 750ml bottle of wine is waived, and it's $50 from the second bottle onwards - I was sold!
Aww always so nice to see Rosemary (pet name) - long distance relationship has lasted us what, 7 years? It's nice to know that we both make efforts to stay close.

Ocean restaurant is a in Happy Valley and the chef apparently used to work at Mandarin Grill and Bar. This was the menu for the night. We all had the steak and at HKD420 for the set (SGD 70) it was excellent value! 

(1) Tomato with mozzarella cheese and osmanthus

What a great start to the meal. Fresh succulent tomatoes paired with cheese - so clever infusing the dish with osmanthus (it's called 桂花 in chinese, usually used to infuse teas and desserts). Very refreshing and left us wanting more.

 (2) Cream of pumpkin

A classic done well with robust flavours. Served piping hot - a small gesture but one I insist upon - nothing worse than a bowl of lukewarm soup (no, not a fan of gazpacho). 

(3) U.S. Beef Tenderloin with rosemary butter & port wine reduction

WOW. This was the highlight of the meal. A generous cut of tenderloin perfectly (and I do mean perfectly) cooked medium rare, dressed in a beautiful (and I do mean beautiful) sauce. I wiped the plate clean of that amazing rosemary butter too. The 2004 Chateau Bel-Air-Ouy I byo-ed made a heavenly (and I do mean..) combination

(4) Coconut and pineapple in 5 textures

I usually expect mediocre desserts when the main courses are amazing but here, I was happily proven wrong. Chunks of pineapple + strands of coconut + coconut jelly +coconut/pineapple ice cream + coconut mousse + sprinkling of cornflakes for crunch = what-genuis-made-this #cannotgetenough. Read this - enough said.

Verdict - We loved the impeccable food at this non descript hole-in-wall restaurant and the service made us feel like family. It's heartening to know that such an enjoyable, intricate meal can be had at such value. I whole-heartedly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good meal in Hong Kong!

As the waiter (brother of the chef or his wife) explained, the family are devout christians and so we each got a pick a psalm on a piece of paper to take home with us.

I am not publicly (haha) religious but this was a nice touch to end a most lovely meal.  

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