Monday, October 10, 2016

Old Already

It's easy to take things for granted. Back when I was 28, I smoked, drank like a fish, partied incessantly and felt invincible. Stayed out till 4am last night and had to get into work at 9am today? Not a problem 3 cups of coffee couldn't solve.  Twisted my ankle dancing in high heels? Oh, it'll heal in a few days, nothing to worry about. Back then I never worried about whether my body was "doing alright".

Fast forward ten years, it's an entirely different story now. Body aches if I stay out past 2am. There's truth in the saying that "old people wake up early", I automatically wake up at 7am now and can't go back to sleep. The last time I went clubbing, the club was empty at 11pm and I left at 12pm (or was it earlier) before a queue had even formed outside.

What will life at 48 be like for me? Hmm.

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